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Business Internet Service

Maximize Productivity, Minimize Costs

For over ten years, we have designed and built our Business Class Internet network from the ground up with the idea of providing the most dependable internet service for the lowest cost to you. We deliver fastest and reliable internet service that is ideal for businesses of all types and sizes. With today’s fast-changing business needs like online banking, point-of-sale, order fulfillment, file sharing, and email, we have your business covered.

Installations are Fast and Easy

For most of our clients, installation is as simple as mounting a small microwave dish on their roof and running a cable to their networking equipment. Business Internet service is usually installed within a few days, with minimal installation costs.

DSL, Satellite, and Cable Can’t Compare

Pacific Lightwave owns and operates our own microwave and fiber network.  We’re not reselling bandwidth from other local ISPs. Your connection will be dedicated to serving your business, not shared with other local businesses.

Save Money with our Dedicated Point-to-Point Connections

Our dedicated point-to-point service delivers the speed, performance and cost savings of a fiber optic connection with the flexibility of wireless connectivity. Having dedicated fiber optic cable installed can be cost-prohibitive for many businesses. In many areas, fiber optic connections simply aren’t available, leaving businesses with slow, substandard internet connections.

We are a California Public Utility Company

Many safeguards are in place to monitor and control traffic flow ensuring critical services are prioritized. Our network is monitored 24/7/365 to achieve a 99.999% or greater uptime.