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Data Transport Services

Expand Your Network Without Limits

Our Data Transport service is a secure and flexible way to extend the reach of your network. This fully transparent service provides dedicated, private point-to-point high-speed connections between two or more locations on our fiber-optic and fiber-based microwave network. Protected paths and redundant links safeguard your data throughout our network.

Proven Redundancy for Critical Business Functions

Our network architecture utilizes a redundant design with diverse physical routing at various levels to prevent a single point of failure.  Our network performance is monitored 24/7/365 to achieve a 99.999% or greater uptime.

Fast and Easy Installation

Our fast data-transport service is quick and easy to install. We install small microwave dishes at your locations to create the point-to-point link and our dishes are cabled directly to your network equipment. Service is usually installed within a week.

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